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Universal Citation :: US LAW Law

    Universal Citation

    Q: What s This?

    A: It s the general citation, that's every now and then known as a "media-impartial" or "dealer-neutral" quotation. Generally, creating a quotation to a prison source permits a reader to more efficiently locate it. The quotation we provide here is one this is media-neutral and does no longer rely upon being located in a print edition of a book.

    This citation is primarily based on the second one edition of the American Association of Law Libraries "Universal Citation Guide".

    Note: this typical quotation isn't always always the legitimate quotation, the latter which have to be used when citing to number one and secondary felony materials in courtroom filings, scholarly guides, etc. Please test the resources under for more statistics.

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    An Overview of Public Domain Legal Citation

    Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (Online Ed. 2010) - Peter W. Martin